3 Simple Ways to Market Your Dental Practice

Every business needs to have a marketing strategy. The marketing strategy of your dental practice is what will bring in new patients and make your practice stand out from others. Marketing is an essential tool for rapid business growth, but a lot of dentists tend to ignore it. When writing your dental business plan Chicago, ensure you include a dynamic strategy for infiltrating the market and putting your practice’s name out there. Something to let the people know that there is a new, quality dental office in town.

With a creative and unique marketing strategy, you can make your practice very successful in a short time. Usually, the plan for marketing your practice is included when a professional assists you in writing your dental business plan in Chicago. However, since marketing is flexible, we have highlighted below 3 simple ways your practice can try.

Online Marketing

We live in a digital world now. Practically everything is done online, from marketing to sales and even consulting. When you have an excellent online marketing presence, you can reach a wider audience and push your practice further. Some online tools to take advantage of include:

Social Media Marketing

First things first, ensure that your practice has a presence on social media. Social media marketing goes beyond opening accounts on different social media platforms. It involves getting the demographics of your target community and creating ads or content directed at that audience. You can catch the attention of a new patient from your content. Also, target a platform to be most active on, make regular posts, and you can even pay for boosted ads to increase your online followership. More followers equal more audience.

Online Listings and Reviews

Ensure your practice is listed on different online dental service listing platforms. After getting your practice on those platforms, make sure you get patients to leave you positive reviews and recommendations. A high number of positive reviews will have a significant impact on your practice’s reputation.

Have Your Website

It’s great to have your own website where you can list all your services and contact details. You can even redirect people from your social media platforms and online listings to your main site.

Patient Feedback and Surveys

Getting patients’ opinions should start with your office directly. After each appointment, ask your patients for feedbacks with open-minded questions about their experiences. You can also ask them to fill short surveys about their experiences and how they feel about your service. From their responses or the results of surveys, you can know the areas to improve on within your service.

Discounts, Bonuses, and Referrals

Offering discounts and referral bonuses are tried and trusted ways to advertise any business. You can inform your existing patients of possible bonuses and discount offers for referring new patients to you. If you can throw in other incentives like gift cards or exclusive dental products free of charge, you’ll probably get more enthusiastic responses.

When considering starting or growing your dental practice, ensure you hire an expert to write a detailed dental business plan in Chicago. With a well-strategized marketing tactic in the plan, your business will stand out amongst others.

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Sherri Burton