How Are Facet Joint Injections a Good Alternative to Back Surgery?

Individuals experiencing chronic back pain and are in search of a pain intervention Newtown PA should consider Performance Pain’s philosophy of exploring all non-surgical procedures before back surgery. One of these procedures is the facet joint injection. The facet joint injection is a minimally invasive, highly successful, same-day procedure that is an excellent alternative to back surgery. Let us explore how a Performance Pain facet joint injection could be your best option to relieving your chronic back pain.

What is a Facet Joint Injection?

This is an anesthetic medication that is injected into the facet joints. We have facet joints in the neck, in the back, and the lumbar region of the spine. Facet joints exist on each vertebra. Once the anesthetic medication is injected, a series of steroid injections are made into the facet joints to reduce inflammation in the joint areas.

This can greatly reduce pain and the other symptoms you may be experiencing due to inflammation and nerve irritation. To ensure the accuracy of the joint injections, the procedure is performed using x-ray and fluoroscopy guidance.

What are the Benefits of a Facet Joint Injection?

In addition to the reduction of pain in the neck, back, and lumbar, the benefits of facet joint injections outweigh the potential risks and lengthy recovery time that surgery entails. Performance Pain facet joint injections are minimally invasive, have a high success rate, can be done the same day as your consultation, and has a short recovery time.

Also, a very small incision is made resulting in minimal scar tissue formation. The facet joint injection procedure is one of many minimally invasive procedures to explore at Performance Pain to avoid the complications and risks of back surgery.

Who Could Benefit from a Facet Joint Injection?

The people who would best benefit from facet joint injections are individuals experiencing chronic pain in the neck, back, and/or lumbar regions. People in need of Performance Pain facet joint injections may be experiencing symptoms like a dull localized pain, or a referred pain in the buttocks, hips, thighs, or knees.

Radiating pain in the sciatica is another symptom caused by spinal nerve irritation or compression at the facet joint. You may also just feel weakness and fatigue in the legs. Other symptoms include general tenderness, a profound effect of posture, stiffness, and/or crepitus. If you are experiencing any number of these types of symptoms you may benefit from a Performance Pain facet joint injection procedure.

Need to Find a Chronic Pain Specialist?

Living with chronic back pain is no way to live. If you are looking for Performance Pain pain intervention in Newtown PA, be sure to explore how you can benefit from facet joint injections. The Performance Pain facet joint injection procedure is a minimally invasive, highly successful, anesthetic, and steroid injection procedure that reduces inflammation and helps combat chronic back pain. Contact one of our Performance Pain locations to make an appointment today.

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Sherri Burton