You’ve got to be marketing constantly!

ABM: Always Be Marketing!

But when you are training clients, you are focused on delivering value, so it’s not really an appropriate time to be actively marketing to them. However, you are still marketing passively.  Because everything you do is a representation of your business – therefore everything you do is marketing for Fitness.

But what I want to discuss today is the importance of active marketing.

Do you keep in touch with your clients and prospects via written marketing?  And do you do it constantly?

If not, you’re missing HUGE opportunities.

Just being an excellent provider of your services is not enough. Many people want to believe it is – but they’re mistaken.

Highly profitable businesses are not built through passive marketing. They are built through active marketing.

And writing is the master KEY to actively marketing your services. You need to spend the time and energy to put your ideas into concrete form so that they connect with your prospect. Your job is to focus, clarify and then communicate the value your prospects receive from your services.

You communicate value through your written marketing materials, whether in printed form or on the web, through articles and reports, through talks and presentations and through letters and email to your clients and prospects.

Another thing you need to focus on is visibility. It doesn’t do you much good if you write a lot of great stuff and nobody reads it.

And you won’t get much momentum if someone hears about you once but you completely disappear after that.

Initial visibility is accomplished by things like doing talks, putting up your web site and getting it into the search engines, writing articles for publication and mailing to qualified prospects and to your existing clients. Even networking is an important kind of visibility.

But the kind of visibility that pushes your business over the top is what I call “Keep in-Touch Marketing.” This is the sustained marketing effort to keep in touch with prospects and clients over time, building a mutually beneficial relationship.

I don’t want my clients and prospects to forget me. When they are having a problem with marketing I want them to turn to me. When a friend of theirs is having marketing challenges, I want my clients and prospects to refer them to me.

And I’m willing to bet that you want exactly the same thing in your business as well. You want to be known, remembered as the expert or as the preferred provider. You want people talking about you and you want your business to grow from word-of-mouth referrals.

The answer is simple – Keep In Touch!  Add value and be visible through a written marketing campaign to prospects and clients. I’m constantly amazed by people who tell me “I can’t write well” or “I don’t know what to say.”  If you can talk, you can write. And frankly, the best way to write is just like you talk.

You have a wealth of knowledge right inside your head.  Start putting it down on paper in the form of special reports on specific topics.  Use those reports as marketing vehicles. Once you’ve written enough of them, you will essentially have a book.  Self publish the book and sell it as a loss-leader – as a front-end product.

If you’re serious about your business, you can’t just think of yourself as a fitness provider. You have to think of yourself as a marketer, educator and expert.

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Sherri Burton