About us

Thank you very much for seeing this housekihirobas.com site. This site is a replica specialty store of world-class brand goods . Brand replica sales are wide, but we have good quality products, and few trustworthy shops.

Our shop has three principles, we will continue to offer high quality products to our customers.

(1): Based on the customer’s perspective, contact customers in good faith.

(2): Quickly, certainly deliver the item to the customer’s hand.

(3): Having the goal “the same as genuine”, the quality is extremely high.

Our shop has a super copy sales experience of more than 6 years . Bag, wallet, bag, purse, shoes, accessories, accessories of ROLEX, OMEGA, LOUIS VUITTON, CHANEL, HERMES, GUCCI with quite mature manufacturing technology , Belts and so on. Pioneering, inspection, packing etc all leading veterans do. With goods, we will deliver high quality and peace of mind!