Are you planning your next getaway? Why not Cairns caravan parks? Plan your next guest away to Cairns caravan parks. Cairn has plenty of caravan options where you can opt for camping and enjoy multiple outdoor activities arranged by the caravan parks. So what are you waiting for? Plan your next outdoor stay at one of your nearest cairns caravan parks.

In this article, you will get to know about the features of the caravan parks so that it becomes easier for you to select the best one for your holiday parks, away from home away from work. Also, we have brought a list of some of the best cairns Caravan parks, making your task a little easier and easing down your hunt to choose the best one for your friends and family to get away.

Features of caravan parks

When you are hunting down the best holiday parks for your holiday destination you try to find the best one that offers you multiple outdoor as well as indoor activities, has good accommodation, and good quality food where you can spend some quality time all by yourself or in the company of your friends and family members.

Features of caravan parks - Tasman Holiday Parks

If you are still looking for suggestions from your friends or going to every website on the internet to choose a caravan park that correctly suits your pocket, here are a few of the things that you need to take care of.

Let’s get started

Below is the list of some of the basic park features that should be available in cairn caravan parks. Before you book one for yourself check whether the features that you need are provided by them or not. These features and facilities can be worn from park to park depending on their popularity and fees. As well as information about why people are choosing caravan holiday parks over hotels.


Parks should offer different types of accommodation facilities like cabins, camps, cottages, apartments, mortals, and aparthotels.

Activity Rooms

It should have a separate activity room area where activities like games, TV, and movies can be enjoyed.


It should have communal gas so that the guests and the caravan parks can enjoy their bbq. Either it should have an electric BBQ.

Allow pets

Pet dogs and cats should be allowed to stay along with the family members or the owners.

Cafes and restaurants

The caravan parks should have onsite cages and restaurants so that the visitors can purchase the food and drinks for a change of taste.

Caravan parks should have onsite cages and restaurants

Campfire and camp kitchen

Facilities for communal campfires should be provided. Some of the caravan parks provide an attached kitchen along with the accommodation where the visitors can cook their meals wherever needed. Also, a refrigerator is provided for the guests.

Spa and swimming pool

 Cairn caravan parks also provide spa and swimming pool facilities where they can relax.


These are some of the basic features and facilities that are provided by the Housekihirobas located in cairn. Before you book your park, check out the price for single guests, children, and adults, and do not forget to check for the feature that you are looking for that is provided by them or not.

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Sherri Burton