Ending a marriage comes with significant effects, even beyond the couple. In the case of partners with children, post-divorce arrangements and developments have a unique way of altering such children’s regular routines. The way children react to new circumstances inspired by their parents’ legal separation varies, depending on age and level of emotional growth. While it might bring a feeling of confusion or anxiety, others may experience sadness and anger.

These feelings and other unique needs are the factors considered when developing a post-divorce parenting plan for separating couples. The procedure usually revolves around making parenting arrangements for the child’s essential needs, including living arrangements, schooling, medical care, etc.

As mentioned earlier, the arrangements could be informal or made in a formal way in writing with the presence of a court order, prepared by the parents or child support lawyers in West Chester, Pa. When couples divorce, one prominent bone of contention between the parties involved involves child support payment. It refers to the financial obligation of each parent towards the care of a child. This money is widely critical to the well-being of the child.

Payment of child support ensures that a child can access an ideal home, education, food, clothing, and other essential items to raise a child. It has legal backing, and a violation of it is equivalent to breaking the law, which comes with severe punitive measures.

Challenges Faced By Parents in Child Support Payments

Payment of child support is a legal obligation that comes spelled out in a court order, ask child support lawyers West Chester PA. Failing to meet it makes you stand in contempt of a court, the consequences of which are unpleasant. As a result, many strive to meet up to avoid having to deal with grave consequences.

However, keeping up with this financial obligation’s timely settlement isn’t an easy task for many people. Many parents face diverse challenges and encounter several problems in the race to settle their child support payment. Discussed below are some of the common ones.

1.   Not Meeting Up with Payment Schedule

Child support doesn’t come cheap; unless you’re wealthy, it’s an obligation for which you have to work very hard to fulfill. As a result, many parents go through the challenge of missing payments on scheduled days. However, this situation usually comes with consequences as the missed settlements accrue interest over time, which they must pay.

2.   Financial Difficulty

Not one ever prays to have a meltdown in their finances; however, it happens nonetheless. A study shows that about 36% of Americans are just a check away from a financial breakdown. The implication of this is that it’s so easy to have a problem with your finances, and when that happens, you might not be able to keep up with your bills.

A young man that has an intense headache.

Many parents paying child support also fall in this category. A change in their financial situations, such as the loss of a job, poses a challenge to their ability to keep up with child support payments. If you’re suffering a similar fate, it’d be best if you filed a motion with the court through child support lawyers in West Chester, Pa, requesting for the suspension of the child support order served upon you, clearly stating your situation.

3.   Concerns over the Usage of the Money

It’s no news that the court is mostly concerned with child support payment and hardly with its usage. This knowledge is usually a source of concern to the paying parents; no one wants their hard-earned money misused. In a situation where a parent frivolously spends child support funds meant for a child’s upkeep, the paying parent would find it challenging to keep paying.


Paying child support is a task not many parents look forward to because of the numerous challenges involved. However, it’s one you have to find your way around if you ever find yourself in such a situation.

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Sherri Burton