With the growing economy of UAE, many people come here from all across the globe for a better lifestyle, for better education, for more job opportunities, etcetera. There are millions of opportunities for all kinds of people in the UAE resting just a click away. In a situation such as 52this, the requirement or significance for legal translation is inevitable for both the locals as well as the foreigners coming to UAE. 

Living in the 21st century, none of us is unaware of the technological boost the internet has provided us with. Thanks to technology and awareness, all of us are connected to each other regardless of the geographical barriers so much that the world is now considered as one giant global village. 

The reason for this is that despite the world becoming a global village and the impact of geographical barriers minimizing to become negligible there are other barriers that need to be bridged. These especially include the language barriers. 

The mother language of UAE is Arabic and hence most of the locals are only able to communicate in the Arabic language. On the other hand, the international language of the world is English and on the contrary, there are more than 6500 languages that are spoken in different areas worldwide. This creates communication barriers between the locals of UAE and foreigners coming here who are either versed in English or some other language native of their region Legal translation near Town Square

To avoid any misunderstandings between the foreigners and locals we have translation services. Especially the translation services which have their expertise in the legal department prove to be very useful when it comes to translating official documents, etcetera. This way, people from all over the world have no trouble in bringing cultural diversity and foreign revenue to UAE and, in return, enjoy the many opportunities UAE has to offer. 

What does Legal Translation really mean? 

Before we go into the details of how Legal Translation is important, we must first clear our concept of the meaning behind legal translation and, more importantly, how it is different from normal translation. 

Like any other kind of translation, the essential task of translation is to replace content from one type of language referred to as the source language and translate it to another language, the target language. The difference here is that unlike any other type of translation, translation is law-dependent. 

The law is different for different areas. It depends on the culture as well as the religion of an area. In some areas of the world, the law is independent of the culture and the religious values of the people, and in other areas, the law is a blend of religion and secular laws. So to define the significance of legal translation clearly, it is the translation of content from one language to another with respect to the laws of both areas native to the language.

When it comes to legal translation in UAE, the translators need to have proper legal knowledge in addition to their linguistic capabilities. They need to be able to translate the content of documents having legal importance into the desired language without changing the meaning of the document. They should be particular and very responsible in their translation as even little errors like a misplaced comma can not only change the whole meaning of the document but can also lead to catastrophic outcomes such as jail time or heavy penalties. 

Importance of Legal Translation

  • Personal use

Many people coming to UAE to settle and have a better lifestyle might find the significance of legal translation useful for the translation of their official personal documents. These include all kinds of documents having personal information and are necessary for various things such as migration which include documents, for example, birth certificates, marriage contracts, divorce contracts, college certificates, driving license, passports, degrees, etcetera. 

Then there are personal documents that might need translation into the Arabic language for settled foreign residents, such as job contracts, business contracts, death certificates, etcetera. 

  • Education

Education abroad is becoming more and more popular with every passing day. Both the students who are UAE nationals, as well as foreign students, want to opt for a college outside their home country for higher education. This provides them with an opportunity to experience the norms and culture of a different land.

At the same time, it teaches them responsibility and the concept of self-reliability, which is very important for their own personal growth. Hence with the many benefits that come with having an education abroad, both parents and students are supportive of it. 

Every year many locals of UAE apply to universities of different countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, etcetera and similarly, many foreign students apply in the well-reputed educational institutes of UAE. In both cases, the services of legal policy play a significant role in securing admission. 

In the applying procedure, both the local students who are well versed in Arabic and foreign students who are well versed in English or some other language native of their area require translation of many documents such as online application forms, transcripts, recommendation letters, graduation certificates, finances which include fee structures, hostel fees etcetera. 

  • Business

With the growing economy of UAE and diverse population, many young entrepreneurs, as well as renowned business owners, want to grow the roots of their business here. However, due to the mixture of ethnicities found in UAE, especially in areas such as Dubai, where people from all over the world come with the sole motive to spend money and have a vacation, the business owners cannot limit themselves to advertise their products in one language only. 

Here legal translation Dubai plays a significant role as they help translate advertisements in more than one language and hence increase the brand visibility generating a larger audience. For the foreign investors, they help bridge communication barriers so the foreign and local business owners can work together in harmony. They help translate documents such as startup contracts, employment contracts, and business deals from one language to another in accordance with the law of UAE.

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Sherri Burton