If you think transcription is an easy job to do and you can do it without any professional help, you have landed in the perfect place to learn all about transcription services online.  A lot of people are confused about how a transcription service works? Basically, it is when you switch from spoken text to written text; that is, you transform the audio into plain text. Sounds easy, right? But it’s not!

The trained professional who works in the area listens and rehears the same audio passage several times to be sure that its text transcription is capable of mutual understanding. So often 10-minute audio becomes hours of transcription work. It is with this in mind that we recommend that you look for the correct professional and company for such service. 

A correct company, with tradition and well-segmented in the area, that’s the only way you can reap the benefits of quality service. Below are some tips to help you better understand when you need a transcript and what are the most commonly transcribed audios today.

When are transcription services online required? 

We often need a very specific service, such as transcription, but we don’t know exactly when because we don’t understand very well how it works or what it’s about. This ends up leaving us at the mercy of people who claim to be professionals in the subject but are often just looking for a way to make money for someone who needs something urgent. 

Therefore, before hiring a self-employed professional who claims to be an expert in the area, research the services already provided by him and check his references. Anyway, below we separate a short list of times when we need a transcription service when we want to translate the audio into text, as mentioned in the topic above. 

These are frequent types of audio:

  • interviews
  • speeches
  • meetings
  • seminars
  • interrogations
  • court hearings
  • recorded conversations
  • Market research.

So, do any of the above cases fit your need? So read until the end and get to know the best service in the country in this area. Below, we leave one more unique feature of the transcription, which are the sworn translations and the free translations, each one has its peculiarities and it is extremely important that you understand these differences.

How is transcription different than de-recording? 

Now that you have got a better understanding of how transcription service online works, you would better understand the difference between a transcription and a shredding service. Let us put this last one in context.

The de-recording serves for official and legal purposes; that is, it happens when the police or any other legal means need the audio translation. Generally, these services have their own translator; however, many public agencies also end up resorting to traditional agencies that provide such a service. 

transcription services

The main difference is in the moment of transcribing what is heard. The abatement has some legal terms, or else, it needs to be as trustworthy as possible due to court proceedings. Meanwhile, the transcription service may undergo changes made by the professional, seeking written content that is more comprehensible for the person who will read it later. 

Can we then consider that transcription is more labour intensive? Without belittling any of the parts, yes, after all, one transcribes in full, while the other adapts what is heard.

Different types of audio transcriptions you can work with

There are several types of audio transcripts, depending on their content. Find out what types of audio transcriptions exist that you can deliver to an audio transcription company.

Legal Transcript, ideal for transcribing judgments

Legal transcription is one of the most specialized aspects of audio-to-text transcription. In the legal domain, all agents need to rely on hard facts and data. That’s why audio-to-text transcription or video transcription plays a key role. Judges, lawyers and any other stakeholders would need to be constantly reviewing audio and video recordings if they didn’t have a more accessible and convenient way to tap the huge pool of information. 

Furthermore, having the data transcribed ensures that everyone involved reads, rereads and analyses the exact same set of facts and evidence. It eliminates the misinterpretation and selection of content that can occur if you just listen to a recording or watch a video. Some subtypes of legal transcripts include audio transcripts of depositions, hearings, interrogations, minutes, medico-legal reports, judgments, among many other processes over here.

Medical Transcription with transcription support

As in the sphere of legal transcription, medical transcription must always be guided by precision and clarity. It must also be fast without neglecting quality. After all, the time factor is crucial in clinical processes. Healthcare professionals need to keep a thorough record for each patient. 

Therefore, all audio and video material must be transformed into textual documentation for easy access and interpretation. As it is natural to deduce, there are countless processes in the medical universe that need to be transcribed. We can report reports of surgeries, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, laboratory procedures, or even conference calls between doctors.

Transcribe audio into the text of interviews

As interviews are so common in a large number of areas, their transcription also covers the most varied domains. An interview may be aimed at getting to know and evaluating someone (job interview, for example) or at disseminating useful and interesting information (such as a media interview).

In addition to the area of ​​expertise, the number of players can also vary widely. With so many factors to consider, so does the complexity of each interview transcript. This process streamlines the work of recruiters, lawyers, journalists, investigators, marketers, police officers, among many other professionals who regularly interview individuals or groups. 

Now that you have an idea of how hard this job is, you surely want to hire someone to do your transcription for you because you obviously don’t want any mistakes. Make sure you list down your entire requirements and find the best transcription services online that fit your needs! 

Sherri Burton