Ajman being the fifth largest city of UAE, is economically very active. It comes off as no surprise that every year millions of people from all across the world come here for business-related reasons.

There are foreigners as well as locals and Arabic being the local language of UAE while English is local language worldwide, does create language barriers. To bridge such barriers in communication amongst the locals and foreigners, there are many companies that provide services for Legal Translation Ajman

Legal translation mainly just means to translate documents that are of legal nature. This can include any type of document, for example, patents, wills, proposals, contracts, certificates, court order, etc. 

However, since any kind of legal document that is translated will be used in legal proceedings, later on, it is very important for the translator to maintain the format of the document. In order to do this, a legal translator should be aware of the characteristics of any legal translation that need to be followed. 

Characteristics that need to be considered for Legal Translation Ajman

The nature of the legal document and its discourse 

Every legal document has a specific discourse. The type of text of any legal document can be categorized as descriptive, prescriptive or hybrid, in which case the text will be both prescriptive as well as descriptive.

A legal translator should be well aware of the nature of the type of Legal document he is translating. The target of the document and its legal effect must remain unchanged at the end of translation.

International legal system and legal system of UAE

Although some basic rules are followed by all countries worldwide, individually every state has its own legal system that might differ from other areas. A legal translator should be well aware of the legal system of the area. In this case, the legal translator should have knowledge of the legal system of the UAE and the international legal system.

This is important because when legal documents are being made, there is no understanding that they may be translated and still be applicable in another area. Legal translators should translate the document so that it is legally acceptable and make changes where ever needed by finding culture-bound substitutions without changing the meaning of the document after translation. 


This is an extremely important aspect of legal translation. Here it means maintaining the same effect on the target audience by the translated legal document as it did before. A legal translator can make considerable changes in the legal document as not every word in one language has a substitute in the other language. 

Professional translators read the legal document, understand it and make the appropriate changes when translating it from English to Arabic or vice versa. However, here they must always maintain the fidelity of the document, which is a very important characteristic of legal translation.


In legal translation, interpretation is another basic characteristic. Here it means that once a legal document is translated, it should still be interpreted by the target audience with the same ease. It should not be ambiguous or too complicated. Rather it should be direct and easily understandable. 

Importance of Legal Translation 

Legal Translation Ajman can be beneficial to a variety of people. For example, people who are planning to migrate to UAE from abroad for a better lifestyle or better opportunities will require legal translation services for several different documents likes visas, migration certificates, etc. 

Then there are students who come to UAE from higher studies or locals of UAE who want to go abroad for a more cultural educational experience. They will have to translate legal documents like student visas, their certificates, etc.

Finally, we have young entrepreneurs. For people looking to start or expand their business in UAE, legal translation services are of most importance. There are numerous documents of legal importance such as proposals, new contracts, employment documents, patents, etcetera that will need to be translated. 

It is also important to point out that in the case of business, legal translation plays a very vital role too. The type of legal translator hired and his potential play a big role in the success of the business so much that it can make or break a business. 

Qualities of a good legal translator

The translation is more than just the act of changing the script of content from one language to another. It requires skill that comes with experience. Moreover, if the type of translation that is being done is legal translation, it becomes one of the most complex tasks. 

It is very important to hire a legal translator who is excellent in his field. He should have a considerable amount of prior legal knowledge. He should have some experience of working in the legal industry. Have a full and clear understanding of the different types of cases that are common in this industry and the courtroom environment. Should be well aware of the legal rules, all the legislature and attorney requirements.

Another important quality of a good leader translator is his integrity. Any work related to legal documents is often very sensitive and personal and thus it is very important that a legal translator should always make the security of the privacy of his client his first priority.

Moreover, the translated documents should be accurate. It is important that they, once translated they deliver exactly the same message as they did before without losing any piece of valuable information in translation. 

Lastly, another feature that separates an excellent legal translator from an ordinary one is experience. Make sure that your Legal translation Dubai Palm Islands for Legal translation Ajman has several years of legal experience before you hire them. This will ensure that you are working with a legally as well as linguistically knowledgeable person and help you avoid problems that come with inexperienced people, such as the inability to handle pressure, stress or deadlines. 


There are several aspects of legal translation as well as the legal translator that you must consider before hiring translators for legal translation Ajman. 

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Sherri Burton