Specialize In Screen Printing Services In Auckland

A screen printing Auckland plant resembles a tentacle in appearance. It contains several branches, each of which supports a large screen. And though the method is sometimes referred to as “silkscreen,” the panels used are usually nylon or metallic.

Each color station has a flat laundry base for the garment, and each screening produces one color on the t-shirts. Because only one piece of fabric is placed on top of the frame at a time, the cloth remains flat, ensuring a flawless print.

How to do Screen Printing?

This is an effective technique as you have to wrap the t-shirt around screens to obtain a print. After placing the screening on top of the frame, pour the sticky ink solution onto the screens and pull the sponge-squeegee over the netting, pushing the ink through into the open sections of the screens but not into the design-masked sections.

The ink will dry after this phase is completed. Whereas UV inks, which dry immediately when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, are primarily used in silk screening, the solvents are generally flash baked with extreme heat.

Cost of Screen Printing Auckland

The artwork, i.e., the symbol and phrases needing touch-ups or modifications before printing, might incur additional charges.

If you choose to have extra colors in your print, you will have to pay extra. The printing on the front of such a t-shirt is simple and affordable, but the cuff of a button-down shirt might be expensive in various places.

The prices of printing vary as per your requirement of details in print. The greater the purchase number, the less the expense since the screen printing Auckland setup expenses are divided out across a more significant number of pieces.

Preparation, manufacturing, and shipping- all charges are usually included in the quotation. You can also request the screen printing firm to make changes in pricing as per your unique needs.

Advantages of Screen Printing

  • The most prevalent application of screen printing Auckland is in the corporate world. The graphic model is made using a stencil and polyester mesh in this type of printmaking.
  • The places that the people want the pattern to display on will be masked out using impervious paper so that those masked out regions will be protected with liquid. Screen printing’s versatility enables one to imprint on virtually any surface and avoids concerns about cleanliness or ink damaging the cloth.
  • A customized design imprinted on t-shirts may be far more attractive and successful than a standard photograph or image. T-shirts with designs are a fantastic way to promote a business.


Screen-prints have been a prominent cultural style found on movie posters, record album covers, flyers, t-shirts, commercial fonts in advertising, and artwork over time.

Now Screen Printing Auckland is a more prominent name for providing quality products at affordable pricing and hence it’s gaining popularity among the masses.

Sherri Burton