The role of language is much more vital than just being a means of communication. It relays multiple expressions all at once, such as the cultural norms of a society, their beliefs and nature. A language is something that can make or break something just by the way it is delivered to the other person.

UAE being a politically as well as economically strong region of the world, has people from all over the world coming here with views to settle down, study or start a business, etc. Arabic is the local language here and English is the most popularly spoken language worldwide demands the services of a company that helps translate English to Arabic language.

There are several companies that cater is a need. However, not all are fully competent. When you are looking for someone to hire for the purpose to translate English to Arabic language there are certain factors you need to keep in mind in order to get a clear picture of their quality of work.

You need to look for companies that have skillful and competent translators who will guarantee to translate your content from Arabic to English in a correct and accurate manner. Moreover, they should be professional and disciplined so that they are able to work on deadlines.

Here we have gathered a list of qualities one must keep in mind before hiring the services of a translation company;

Linguistic Capabilities required to Translate English to Arabic Language

To accurately translate English to Arabic Language it is important that the translator should have more in-depth knowledge about both languages than just merely scratching the surface. The translators should be well aware of all the complex terminologies of both languages, their dialect.

The language expertise of the translators should be such that they are fully able to understand the Arabic content that needs to be translated and then properly translate the content in their own words in English without changing the meaning of the content.

Word to word translations should not be an option for them as that technique often leads to misinterpretation of the text. There is no exact word that can replace one word in another language and a skillful translator will always understand this.

Focusing on the Details

A professional translator will never forget the details. Even the smallest detail cannot be ignored when it comes to translation. Whether it is a letter, word or just the accent of a sentence, even a small alteration can change the entire purpose of a document.

The translated documents should always be consistent with the original ones and for that, keeping the details in mind is very important. Moreover, one habit of a professional translator is that he will check the translated document not one but three times at least to eliminate all chances of errors. This saves the client from any kind of hassle that can occur because of mistranslated text.

Expertise  in Specialized Knowledge

Often when people look for translators that translate Arabic to English language, they are looking to translate specialized documents. This can be any type of document, for example, a legal document, some kind of medical document, a migration document, etc.

This requires the skills of more than just a translator who has knowledge of Arabic and English language. For example, in case if someone wants to translate a legal document, then he should look for a translator that has expertise in Arabic, English and legal knowledge. There are several technical terms in legislature that can’t be understood by an ordinary translator.

Hence when you are looking to hire a translation company, first know the kind of documents you want to get translated. Then make sure that the company you hire has those specialized translators that can professionally translate all kinds of documents with expertise.


Professional translators are always punctual. When it comes to translating documents, there are often deadlines that need to be considered. Hence when hiring a translation company make sure it is punctual so you can easily rely on it to complete the tasks within a given timeframe.

This will save you from any further embarrassment that comes with not coming up with the required documents on time and also help make a good impression.


This is another very significant quality that you should look for in a translator when looking to translate Arabic to English language. Sometimes the work of translation comes with very short notices, especially when you are dealing with professional documents that need to be translated. In times like these, you should feel safe in your translator that he will work with you and help meet all the deadlines.

Impressive Writing Skills

Apart from the knowledge of both languages and other expertise, writing skills also play a vital role in translation. When you are looking for someone to translate Arabic to English language you might come across all kinds of different text that needs translation. The content can be related to marketing and promotion, legally significant, medically important, complex or casual.

To work on these different text styles and then translate them accordingly in the same style, a translator must have a writing flair. He should be able to comprehend the text and then skillfully translate it without changing the aura which the text is giving, whether it is formal or informal.

Professional Credibility

This is very important to take into consideration when hiring a professional translation company. Before hiring, ask yourself, are they well known by the people of the area? Do people have good reviews about them? Have they been working in the market for long? If the answer is yes, then chances are you are heading in the right direction.

Investing in a well-reputed translation company that translate Arabic to English language and has been working in UAE will have a name to protect. They have a reputation that needs to be maintained and to keep it positive, they will surely make more efforts to satisfy all their clients with their work than a fetus translation company.


To summarize everything, hiring a translation company that translate Arabic to English Language requires more than just picking out one company. You need to do your research and invest with the best one so that you don’t have to face any problems in the future.

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Sherri Burton