Benefits Of Hiring A Legal Translator

In today’s progressing world, people are most often moving around the world from one place to another, whether for academic or business purposes or just to simply start a new life. Whatever the reason may be, you need a lot of legal documents and also find a legal translator who can do the job for you. In this blog, you will find what a legal translation is and almost everything else you need to find about legal translation services.

What is meant by sworn translation?

The name ‘sworn translation’ may sound very complex, but it is actually a very simple thing. It is just a unique type of translation. It is quite easy to understand; however, the job isn’t that easy and requires an experienced professional. Legal translation is the translation of professional or personal documents from one language to another.

What documents need a sworn translation?

Most people are usually confused about what documents require legal translation if you are leaving your homeland and moving to another country. We have listed below some examples of the documents that you may need to get translated into the foreign language to start your processing for visas and travelling documents. Other than that, legal translations may be needed for academic purposes as well as a lot of other documents.

  • Minutes
  • Birth, marriage and death certificates
  • Driver’s license
  • Certificates of origin
  • Contracts
  • Judicial process records
  • Foreign vessel documents
  • Manifestos
  • Passport
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Sentences
  • Wills

These documents, if they are in a foreign language, must be presented to the Brazilian Justice or registered with the Notary of Titles and Documents (or other types of notary) with the sworn translation obligatorily attached. When hiring this type of service, the translation is valid throughout the country.

How is the service of a certified legal translator?

To become a legal translator, you must pass a competition and have some requirements, such as passing a written translation exam, passing an oral translation exam, having a minimum – 21 years old, in addition to being a national citizen, born or naturalized. Other requirements are: to live at least 1 year in the state in which you will work, not to have, in your name, any legal process in progress and to have a regularized situation with military service (in the case of men).

The service of this professional consists of analyzing and translating the content of a given official document from one language to another, guaranteeing its credit and validity. For a sworn translation to be regulated, an official stamp of a responsible government body is required.Because it is a thorough job, it is necessary to find qualified professionals and invest in this service.

Advantages of hiring a sworn translation service

There are many advantages to hiring a certified translator. Check out the main ones. Correct translation: When hiring this service, you are absolutely sure that there will be no type of error that could prevent the official validation of this document.

Tranquility and security:

There is also the advantage of the tranquility of leaving this task to a qualified person and the security of doing so, as you know that it will be done correctly and objectively, as the sworn translation should be.

  • Financial return:

When you hire a certified translator, the client will invest a certain amount, but you only need to do it once, because when doing it on your own or even hiring an unqualified person, your document will certainly not be validated and you will have to spend more money hiring a professional translator.

  • Standardization of documents:

With the sworn translation, the professional follows national standards when translating that document and with the stamps of official entities, validating this work, streamlining and facilitating the client’s life.

Regulation of situations occurring abroad: The biggest advantage in hiring a sworn translator is that, with it, it is possible to regularize actions or situations that occurred abroad. For example, a Brazilian couple gets married in the United States; when they return to Brazil, in the eyes of the law, they are not married, so they need to regularize their documents.

For this, there is a sworn translation, which – when translating the document – regularizes the situation of this couple, who now has the rights that married people in Brazil have. The same need applies in cases of birth, death, among others.

Why is it necessary to hire a legal translator?

Quickly summarize why it is interesting to hire a legal translator is simple. When using this service, it shows that you are a professional who takes what you do seriously and values ​​ quality service. Showing a little case can be interpreted as disrespect and you can lose your business or suffer some kind of loss.

Translating wrongly will also harm the attraction of new customers, who will not be interested in a business that does not invest in basic improvements and there is also a loss of confidence. That is more damage. The main reason that justifies the hiring of this type of service is that, with it, you transmit to your possible and already consolidated clients that your company is of quality and trust.

In the case of academic translations, it guarantees you correct work with better quality and objectivity. In addition, when hiring the translator service, there is less weight on the client’s back, who can rest assured that the work will be done. The chance of spelling errors decreases considerably compared to a free online translator.

The certainty that a trained professional will translate the text or document gives credibility and security to the client. If you hire the translator service, the client will know, for sure, that he will not be embarrassed by spelling mistakes or concordance.

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Sherri Burton